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What is Vaping?

Many of us might have started smoking just for fun, but with the course of time, it has become an inseparable part of our lives. The majority of people consider it safe and believe that they at least not addicted to the real drug. In other words, it is considered as a lifestyle choice rather than a harmful addiction. However, the adverse consequences which a smoker can face are not hidden from anyone. According to WHO report, For Instance, around one million people in India die due to cigarette smoking every year. These numbers are alarming and indicate that inhaling nicotine in cigarettes is not much different from consuming substances like cocaine or heroin.

How a person can leave this habit is debatable. Many theories believe that with a sheer determination and practice anyone can get rid of the habit of smoking. Nevertheless, there are no data to support and validate this argument. Therefore, some medical practitioners and researcher have developed an alternative to the cigarette which is called E-Cigarette. These electronic devices consist of a nicotine-based liquid which upon heating on a metal coil produces vapour. When a person inhales this, he feels in the same way as he is smoking a cigarette. However, these vapours are far less toxic and harmful than the cigarette smoke as the substances used in the e-liquid are vegetable-based glycerin and propylene and a small amount of nicotine. After two or three weeks the nicotine is completely replaced by the organic flavours making the vapour completely harmless.

The effectiveness of vapours can be proved by that fact that the many researchers have accepted it as a healthy substitute for cigarette smoking. Not only does it has positive repercussions on smokers’ health, but it is also a cost-effective solution.

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