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Firstly, welcome to Swagerhub vapes ! if you’re first time user of  vaping , then the world of vaping and e-liquids will certainly very confusing for you to make decision. Honestly, it’s very obvious to you, because as a new user, you’ve possibly noticed a wide range of e-liquid flavors & vaping devices in market and we know that it’s very challenging for you to realize what is vaporizers and where to  begin. Although, once you start learning basics of  vaping, e-liquid and devices, you will soon come to understand what vaping is all about. This is the reason we are here to tell  you  vaporizers and  e-liquids . If you want to know that – “is vaping safe or bad?”, you can go through various researches about Vaping :


How to make a start with Vaping or vaporizers ? Picking Your First Vaping kit !


Beginners: For us beginner is someone who has very little or no experience of vaping. Someone who don't know about ohm laws or joules laws, for those people we suggest low power devices such as vape pens or starter kits with integrated batteries. Especially for those who are aiming to quit cigarettes, because they mimic the feel of cigarettes and comfortable to use.


Intermediate: Intermediate can be defined as someone who is familiar with vaporizers or e-cigarettes and have some experience of using them. Has ability to understand functions of vapes, How to do maintenance of device and deal with small issues. Someone looking for either more vapor production or flavor production. For such people we recommend to use device with mid range power ( 80w or less ) so that vapor production would be grater than starter kits and flavor will also enhance.


Advanced:  Someone who has understanding that how vaporizer device  functions and has knowledge of ohm laws as well as risks involved in building coils. Intermediate will have to make a decision whether they want to enter in rebuildable hardware world or not. If not that's alright, that can go for high power regulated mods with sub ohm atomizers.


Expert: Expert vapester is just an Expert vapester. They necessarily advanced vapers with great experience and know inside out about vaping such as knowledge about coil wires, wicks and able to handle huge vapor productions.